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William Anderson “Ance” McCoy + Mary Eugene Hoylman

8 children
William Jordan McCoy
Birth: Entered as "not named McCoy"May 15, 1875 28 23Wayne County, West Virginia, USA
Death: Willie is shown only in the 1880 census and in the 13 Apr 1880 Adams Co NE school census. His only known year of school attendance was also 1880. A family Bible (uncertain owner) says he died in Sept 1879, but that is inconsistent with the census.1880Nebraska, USA
Milton Arthur McCoy
Birth: Birth date from tombstoneMarch 6, 1880 33 28Silver Lake, Adams County, Nebraska
Death: Accidental self-inflicted shotgun blast while duck hunting on De Soto Lake.October 28, 1901De Soto, Washington, Nebraska, USA

Parents Grandparents
William Anderson “Ance” McCoy
Birth: December 5, 1846 35 26Pike County, Kentucky, USA
Death: He died at the home of his daughter and son-in-law, Julia and Fred Reichenbach in Arlington, Nebraska.September 15, 1922Arlington, Washington, Nebraska, USA

John Jordan Hoylman
Birth: Although his tombstone gives his birth date as 21 Apr 1818, this is not consistent with census records. Also, his Confederate Army records report his age in 1861 as 40. In addition, he gives his age as 59 in his 1880 homestead papers.1821 35 36Botetourt County, Virginia, USA
Death: Died in Lewellen, NebraskaAugust 31, 1891Lewellen, Garden, Nebraska, USA
Jane Virginia Marshall
Birth: October 19, 1830 28 36Hillsborough, Orange, North Carolina, USA
Death: Most accounts of JVM's death report that she took her children into the woods when their home was raided by 'bushwackers'. Some versions substitute 'Union soldiers'. She died of resulting pneumonia./Actual location unknown due to multiple Lick CreeksMarch 29, 1865Lick Creek, Greenbrier, West Virginia, USA
Family group information
See 1910 census. Given the fact that the first child of this union was born in 1869 and living in its grandfather's home, while the child's father was with his own parents and siblings in the 1870 census, this marriage date appears to be inaccurate.

This is the documented marriage date, albeit between 'Andrew McCoy' and Mary E Hoylman. There appears to be no documentation for the claimed 1868 marriage. WAM is with his parents in 1870, not with Mary and their child.
October 5, 1872
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