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October 2, 2017 - 9:04:26 p.m.

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The Wm Anderson McCoy Tree is so named because it was begun with research based upon Anderson McCoy and his wife Mary Eugene Hoylman (sometimes spelled Hoyleman), both of whom now reside in Blair Cemetery, Blair, Nebraska. Like all family trees, it has become a forest of interconnected trees. Here some of those trees are named McCoy, Hoylman, Vance, Hatfield (of course), Reichenbach, Petersen, McCauley, McCollum, Marshall, Finn and on and on.

The tree has been moved to this location and this software (WebTrees) in order to present as much material aa possible and, also, to allow family member to participate in improving the tree, if they wish. This tree is also present, in part, on Ancestry-com under the same name. A private tree of similar name is used there for keeping this one up-to-date. The home site for these domains is http://family-vault.com.

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Mary McCoy's Journal is available here in PDF form. The journal was written on scraps of paper over many years by Mary Eugene Hoylman McCaoy, wife of Wm Anderson "Ance" McCoy. It is a simple chronicle of daily happenings in her life and is useful mainly for her documentation of family and local events, such as births, marriages, deaths, etc. For those who read it closely, it also affords a view into life in Nebraska, rural and, to a lesser extent, urban, in the early 20th century.

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