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Mary “Polly” McCauleyAge: 73 years17741847

Mary “Polly” McCauley

Mary Polly McCauley

Mary Polly McCauley
Birth January 1774 35 32
Birth of a sisterWmMc Daughter McCauley
about 1775 (Age 12 months)

Birth of a brotherMatthew McCauley
1776 (Age 2 years)
Birth of a sisterCatherine McCauley
1780 (Age 6 years)
Birth of a brotherCharles McCauley
December 28, 1780 (Age 6 years)
Death of a motherCathrin Wife of Wm McCauley
October 27, 1800 (Age 26 years)
Address: New Hope Presbyterian Church Old Cemetery Hillsborough, Orange County, North Carolina

A burial in the Old New Hope Episcopal Church cemetery for a C Mc[Cauley] gives a date of death of 27 Oct 1800. Probably because there is also a Wm McCauley also buried there, this has been taken to be Catherine "Catred" McCauley. However, the 1800 census, taken on 4 August, does not include a female to fit Catherine.

From email of 3 October 2018 from William Burlingame:

"Katherine [Catherine] died in 1800, and her gravestone at New Hope [Presbyterian Old Cemetery] was a small piece of slate with very basic information carved on it. Her burial is attested to by several data items and is hardly remarkable." [See media item "William's Burial Site.pdf"]

MarriageAndrew McCauleyView this family
November 26, 1805 (Age 31 years)
Birth of a son
Johnston M McCauley
January 20, 1817 (Age 43 years)
Chapel Hill, Orange, North Carolina, USA
Latitude: N35.913200 Longitude: W79.055855

Death of a sisterWmMc Daughter McCauley
before 1818 (Age 44 years)

Note: The will of her father, William McCauley Esq, dated 1818, contains no reference to the mother (or father) of William's named grandson, James Reaves/Reeves.
Death of a sisterCatherine McCauley
1818 (Age 44 years)
Death of a brotherJames McCauley
between April 3, 1818 and December 31, 1818 (Age 44 years)
Chapel Hill, Orange, North Carolina, USA
Latitude: N35.913200 Longitude: W79.055855

Death of a fatherWilliam McCauley
December 20, 1825 (Age 51 years)
Note: 20 Dec 1825 is the date most commonly given for the death of Wm McCauley. Although this would certainly be consistent with a filling of probate in the Feb 1826 court term, there is no known documentation giving an actual date of death. It would have been expected that his death would be published in the Hillsborough Recorder, but all publication dates that might reasonably have contained such a notice no longer exist so far as is known. Nor is there a notice in the Raleigh Register for which there are existing scans for all publications dates for the time in question.
Burial of a fatherWilliam McCauley
after December 20, 1825 (Age 51 years)

This alleged burial appears to be based upon a memorial tablet in the churchyard of the New Hope Prebyterian Church south of Hillsborough upon which are inscribed the names of congregation members who were in the Revolutionary War. The tablet does not state that those persons were buried there, and the church has no record that Wm McCauley was buried in either the old or the new cemetery.

The so-called "Morrow Papers" state that William was buried "on his own land", while a letter written in 1896 by William M McCauley (grandson of William's brother Mathew who lived on some of his grandfather's land) seemed to state that Mathew and William were both buried in the same cemetery, that being the one currently known as the (Mathew) McCauley Cemetery near University Lake in Carrboro NC. Suffice it to say that no actual burial place has yet been discovered for William.

Death of a sisterJane McCauley
before March 14, 1826 (Age 52 years)
Hillsborough, Orange, North Carolina, USA
Latitude: N36.075424 Longitude: W79.099747


Date of death now known (approximately) from estate documents administered by Levi McCollum. Other family members mentioned are Mary McCollum, Henry McCollum, Charles and John McCauley.

Court documents related to her estate are dated from the May 1826 term. Some are dated from March of that year.

Death of a brotherCharles McCauley
April 21, 1829 (Age 55 years)
Death of a brotherMatthew McCauley
before 1830 (Age 56 years)
Death of a brotherJohn McCauley
1833 (Age 59 years)


Probate documents in Orange County indicate that he died before May 15, 1833.

At the time of his death, he was the administrator of the estate of William Whyte, who apparently owed $25 to Jonathan P. Sneed, assignee Samuel M Stuart and guardian of Spencer S. Reeves. Spencer may have been a descendant of William McCauley, Esq.

The probate documents of John's son, Charles, and associated documents from Tipton County TN of another son, James, show that John McCauley and Jenett/Jane Blackwood had the following children:

Matthew (deceased by 1854, maybe by 1848)
George J., minor in 1848
Velina Anne, minor in 1848, absent by 1854
Elizabeth (William Crabtree)
Catherine (Willis Hester of Chatham County)
Mary (John Blackwood)
Marriage of a childJames LongJane McCauleyView this family
September 5, 1838 (Age 64 years)
Death of a husbandAndrew McCauley
June 13, 1839 (Age 65 years)

Death about 1847 (Age 73 years)
Death March 31, 1847 (Age 73 years)
Burlington, Alamance, North Carolina, USA
Latitude: N36.095692 Longitude: W79.437790

Address: Stony Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Religion: Presbyterian
Family with parents - View this family
elder brother
-13 years
elder sister
16 years
elder brother
James McCauley
Birth: 1771 32 29Hillsborough, Orange, North Carolina, USA
Death: between April 3, 1818 and December 31, 1818Chapel Hill, Orange, North Carolina, USA
3 years
2 years
younger sister
2 years
younger brother
5 years
younger sister
1 year
younger brother
Family with Andrew McCauley - View this family
Marriage: November 26, 1805Orange County, North Carolina, USA
Johnston M McCauley
Birth: January 20, 1817 38 43Chapel Hill, Orange, North Carolina, USA
Death: January 20, 1873Alamance County, North Carolina, USA